Financial Aid Process


In order to provide a fair, objective evaluation of the financial need of each family, an outside organization has been retained by Montessori Academy of Chambersburg – the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). Montessori Academy requires each family applying for aid to complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) prior to each academic year for which aid is requested. The request for financial aid is considered independently of a request for admission and in no way affects candidate’s chances for admission to Montessori Academy of Chambersburg. (It is recommended that you submit the financial aid forms at the same time you submit your application/re-enrollment forms for timely processing.) Financial Aid forms are mailed out by request in December and are due the middle of January.


In addition a family must:


  1. Make two photocopies of the completed PFS form. Keep one for your records and send one copy to Montessori Academy before sending the original to SSS in Princeton, New Jersey.


  • The SSS provides Montessori Academy with an analysis of a family’s finances, called the Report of Family Contribution (RFC). This analysis, which is based on the family’s income, expenses and assets, provides a recommended family contribution for their child’s educational expenses.


  • On the SSS application, be certain to list Montessori Academy (#3019) as one of the schools to receive the SSS Report of Family Contribution (RFC).


  1. Complete the SSS Business and Farm Statement, if applicable. Keep a copy and send the original directly to Montessori Academy.


  1. Submit a complete, signed copy of your latest Federal Income Tax Return including all schedules and W-2 forms to Montessori Academy. (For families filing separate returns, a copy of each is required.) Request for financial aid will be considered based on availability and is awarded on a first come/first serve basis. Financial Aid requests or awards will be finalized once we receive all appropriate forms and information.


  1. Failure to complete the above or any unresolved issues regarding the Parents’ Financial Statement may delay or preclude an award. Montessori Academy expects that parents will file for assistance at all tuition charging institutions, including colleges. If financial aid is not being sought for siblings in other private schools or colleges, please explain.


  1. Montessori Academy reserves the right to request submission of additional supporting information prior to making a financial decision on an award. Montessori Academy may recalculate a family’s eligibility. The Financial Aid Committee at Montessori Academy makes the final determination of the amount of financial aid to be awarded.


  1. Some financial aid may be provided by local businesses. Please contact Montessori Academy if you do not want to apply for aid from our local business community.


Please keep in mind the following:


  • If you have children in more than one tuition-charging SSS member school, it is necessary to file only one Parent Financial Statement.
  • While our commitment to financial aid is strong, our resources rapidly diminish after the first quarter of each fiscal year. We, therefore, cannot guarantee full consideration of awards commensurate with demonstrated need after that time.
  • The Financial Aid Program is confidential. Such confidentiality extends to the school and the recipients. Eligibility and specific awards are confidential and should not be divulged.
  • Financial aid awards are re-evaluated through the same application process on a yearly basis. To ensure the renewal of financial aid, recipients are expected to perform academically at a level commensurate with their ability and adhere to the school’s standards of personal conduct.


If you would like to apply for financial aid and need the SSS Parent’s Financial Statement forms, or have any questions about Montessori Academy’s financial aid policy, please contact Montessori Academy at (717) 261-1110.