Portrait of a Graduate

THEY ARE GLOBAL CITIZENS. Montessori Academy graduates are members of a broader community. They are civic-minded, taking care of their environment and embracing diversity. They are students of the world, leading others to make a difference through appreciation and empathy

THEY ARE LIFE-LONG LEARNERS. Embracing Montessori philosophy, they are self-motivated and proactive learners. They are excited about and vested in their own learning and enjoying sharing their innovative thinking with others.

THEY ARE CRITICAL THINKERS. Being able to reason and filter information from the world around them, Montessori Academy graduates are confident when creating solutions or posing ideas. They listen to others thoughts and opinions and form their own. They make connections between what they have learned and apply these to real-world concerns.

THEY ARE TRUE COLLABORATORS. Appreciating others' strengths and valuing their opinions, Montessori Academy graduates are team players that can work with adults and children of any age. They are confident in their abilities, have a healthy sense of self, and believe their contributions matter. Their moral and ethical behavior enables them to work with others to resolve conflict.

THEY ARE MONTESSORIANS FOR LIFE. Their self-motivation, resourcefulness, constructive work habits and the relationships they have formed enable them to take on big challenges throughout their education. These lessons never stop shaping who they are and who they hope to be.