Three Pairs of Bucket Stilts, donated by David and Julie Reichenbach


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  • WALK TALLER: Enjoy walking and exploring the world at a new height with the Get Out! Kid Walking Stilts; These stepping buckets are a fun way for children to get up and exercise; Bucket stilts are high enough to be entertaining and low enough to be safe for kids of all ages
  • IMPROVE SKILLS: No training needed; These beginner stilts help develop gross motor skills, enhance coordination, balance, and ultimately allow fun; For play recommended for grades pre-K to 5th (Ages 3 and up)
  • ADJUSTABLE HAND CORDS: 4.5' handle ropes are approximately 2.25' long when tied to bucket stilts for balance; Adjustable to accommodate your height and arm length; Tie rope ends together or knot each end inside the stilt cup (tie larger knots higher to shorten length); Sit the stilt on the floor or ground with open end down, pull string up from top of can, place one foot on each can, hold string in each hand, and walk by pulling up on each string while stepping with foot