Cubelet Modular Robotics – One Expansion Cubelet, donated by The Dickinson Family


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  • Each Cubelet has a special function: SENSE, THINK, and ACT.
    • Connect at least one SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelet to create a robot construction.
  • Grow your Cubelet library and introduce new ways of building.
  • Cubelets include: Bar Graph, Battery, Blocker, Bluetooth, Brightness, Distance, Drive, Flashlight, Inverse, Knob, Maximum, Minimum, Passive, Rotate, Speaker, Temperature, and Threshold.
  •  Cubelets are robot blocks that help teach important problem-solving skills – like collaboration, engineering, design, and computational thinking.
    • Combine the 17 unique kinds of Cubelets in different ways to create countless robot constructions.