Europe Biome Cards (ages 3 -9), donated by Megan Mallory


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Continent Biome Cards are the perfect way to explore the biomes of the continents! The Europe Biome Cards–Primary include a continent card, biome cards for the biomes the set introduces, animal cards, and people cards. There are fifteen animal cards for each biome introduced that include examples of invertebrates and the five classes of vertebrates. Children learn the names of the animals and facts about their adaptations, diet, and more, written in language simplified to encourage and stimulate the research of budding writers. Cards for at least one indigenous people of the continent are also included. There are six cards for each indigenous people, introducing the people, their food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and culture. The people cards focus on the ways each group meets their fundamental needs within the conditions of their home biome, with emphasis on adaptation and sustainability. All the cards are color-coded for the continent and have additional coding on the back for control of error and organization.

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