Excellerations® Insect Life Cycle Specimens Set of 5, donated by a Montessori Supporter


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Kids are fascinated by bugs! The 5 transparent resin tiles feature real insects in different stages of development. Measuring 3'' x 3'', slides show the 3 or 4 life cycle stages of each insect. Specimens include; cabbage butterfly, dragonfly, frog, honeybee, and mealworm and each has an educational card with images and fun facts for each specimen.
  • REAL INSECTS: The real insects inside the slides are fascinating! Kids will be captivated by the transformation from one stage of an insect's life cycle to another. Add a microscope and they are sure to be even more intrigued.
  • EDUCATIONAL CARDS: Includes educational cards with realistic images of the different development stages, and many fun and educational facts about each insect. The double-sided cards are laminated cardstock for durability and long-lasting use.