Modeling and Investigating Watersheds Kit


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This kit provides students with watershed models to help them explore the dynamics of watersheds. Despite the significance of watersheds, many students get few opportunities to explore this important aspect of topography and its relationship to the water cycle. Students apply "rain" over a topographic model and observe the water runoff. From their observations they identify the location of major bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and streams. This activity not only provides students with first hand experience with watersheds but also provides a knowledge base to better understand issues such as how an abandoned mine may influence water quality far from the mine site or how farming practices in Nebraska may influence the health of organisms in the Gulf of Mexico.
Content List
6 Lab-Aids Watershed models 6 Pipets, 3-mL 12 Red/blue pencils 1 Blue food coloring , 15-mL drop controlled bottle 1 Teacher’s Manual with MSDS 28 Student Worksheets and Guides 1 Transparency 1: Map of Major U.S. Rivers 1 Transparency 2: Sample Map of Water Flow within the Model 1 Transparency 3: Map of the Mississippi Watershed Sub-Basins