Touch and Match Board – Tactile Sensory Game, donated by The Troup/Eichorn Family


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  • A stimulating multi-sensory tactile game. The object of the game is to identify and match up the 12 tactile counters with its corresponding textured surface. The Touch & Match Board Game encourages those that are tactile defensive to experience different textures and is ideal for people with visual impairments too. A wonderful sensory game that can be played on many different levels.
  • Smooth, rough, bumpy, soft, and grainy textures inspire all users to use adjectives as they interact with this sensory game. Kids use their senses of vision and touch to explore fascinating surfaces. Older children can close their eyes to further challenge their senses and is especially useful in sensory stimulation for children with special educational needs. Helps to develop sensory and motor skills, descriptive language and reasoning skills, matching, and association skills.