Environments® earlySTEM™ Wooden Ball Maze Puzzle Cubes, donated by Nyomi’s Grandpa and Grandma


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The Wooden Ball Maze Puzzle Cubes Science Exploration Set invites young children to use a variety of problem-solving strategies while having fun! Perfect for fostering scientific inquiry process skills: exploring cause-and-effect, predicting, experimenting, drawing conclusions. Set includes wood ramp, ball, and 8 double-sided puzzle cubes with straight and curved paths, plus laminated Activity Cards for added engineering challenges.
  • EARLY STEM PROBLEM SOLVING FUN: Kids can use a variety of strategies to make the ball travel in a straight line, go through a series of curves, or move in a circle. Perfect for exploring cause-and-effect relationships, making predictions, conducting experiments, and drawing conclusions.
  • SOLID, DURABLE WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Ramp, ball, and 8 chunky puzzle cubes are made of solid wood with natural finish for years of engineering fun.
  • INDEPENDENT OR COLLABORATIVE LEARNING: Kids can experiment on their own or together to explore and put their maze-building skills into action. It's fun and satisfying to build a maze and observe the ball's motion - independently or as part of a team!
  • TONS OF CONFIGURATIONS: Puzzle cubes (3 inches x 3 inches x 1.5 inches high) have straight channels on one side, curved paths on the other so kids can place the cubes in different configurations - the possibilities are endless!