Sponsorship & Donations

The Montessori Academy of Chambersburg is a 501C(3) nonprofit organization; all donations are tax deductible.


Donations are acceptable in any format. They can be monetary, physical (in equipment, supplies, books/reading material, furniture, playground equipment, gym equipment, etc.) or service related.

We also encourage volunteers to donate their time to our various community activities and functions held through out the school year.

Corporate Educational Improvement Credit (Financial Aid Sponsor)

Financial Aid for Montessori Academy is funded by Corporate/Business Sponsors through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program. Businesses receive tax breaks for their contributions up to $200,000 per year.

Financial Aid is available to all students and is determined through an application process which is submitted to an independent corporation who determines need and amounts to be funded.

Endowment Contributions

Montessori Academy of Chambersburg accepts donations to its endowment program, to continue improving the quality of education offered, expanding upon courses and offering new programs, contributing to student financial aid programs, and physical building expansion.

Endowment contributions are tax-deductible and there are no preset minimums or limits on the amounts contributed.

Specific Program Sponsorship

Corporations and local businesses can make donations to sponsor specific programs already in existence or for new programs or initiatives created as per the donor’s request.

  • Technology
  • Science
  • Art
  • Foreign Language
  • Health Education Program
  • Physical Education Programs
  • Library Expansion
  • One of Your Own

These programs can range from (but are not limited to), our Library, Physical Education Programs, Field Trips, Community Involvement Activities, Financial Aid, Computer Platforms, School Furniture and/or School Materials.